Unencashed Dividend Warrants

Any Shareholder who has not received Dividend Warrant or has not encashed the Dividend Warrant has to write to the Company / Share Transfer Agent. If the Dividend Warrant is available it may be returned to the Company/Share Transfer Agent for invalidation. If the Dividend Warrant is not available then the Company /Share Transfer Agent will check for the non-payment of the Dividend in its books and will require the Shareholder to execute a Letter of Indemnity. The Letter of Indemnity has to be executed on a Rs. 20/- Non-judicial Stamp Paper. The Company / Share Transfer Agent on receipt of the Letter of Indemnity will pay the Shareholder by demand draft.

Following dividends are transferable to the Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) on the due dates, in accordance with the provisions of Section 125 of the Companies Act, 2013

  1. Dividend 2013-14 (Interim)
  2. Dividend 2013-14 (Final)
  3. Dividend 2014-15 (Interim)
  4. Dividend 2014-15 (Final)
  5. Dividend 2015-16 (Interim)
  6. Dividend 2015-16 (Final)
  7. Dividend 2016-17 (Interim)
  8. Dividend 2016-17 (Final)
  9. Dividend 2017-18 (Interim)
  10. Dividend 2017-18 (Final)
  11. Dividend 2018-19 (Interim)
  12. Dividend 2018-19 (Final)
  13. Dividend 2019-20 (Interim)
  14. Dividend 2019-20 (Final)
  15. Dividend 2020-21 (Interim)
  16. Dividend 2020-21 (Final)
  17. Dividend 2021-22 (Interim)
  18. Dividend 2021-22 (Final)
  19. Dividend 2022-23 (Interim)

Members who have not yet preferred a claim are, therefore, requested to contact the Registrar and Share Transfer Agents immediately.

No claim shall lie against the Fund or the Company in respect of unclaimed and unpaid dividends transferred to the IEPF as per Section 124 of the Companies Act, 2013.

Address of the Registrar and Share Transfer Agent

Cameo Corporate Services Limited
‘Subramanian Building’
No.1, Club House Road, Chennai – 600 002.

Tel:(044) 28460390-94

Fax:(044) 28460129

Email:investor@cameoindia.com; komalar@cameoindia.com

Contact Person:

Mr. D. Narasimhan, (Joint Manager)