Greater awareness and access to information has given rise to global trends like clean label, farm to table, antibiotic-free, food safety, and sustainability. Customers have a strong interest not only in what the product is but how it is made. Our range of natural, plant-based ingredients helps our customers find natural and sustainable ingredient solutions for their food and beverage requirements.

Animal Nutrition and Health

AVT Natural creates and produces science-based, integrated botanical solutions to address the complex challenges in animal production.

The AVT Natural solutions for animals contain full-spectrum botanicals and are more stable and bioavailable than pure synthetic actives.

We use published scientific literature on the mechanisms underlying traditional medicine as the foundation for our botanicals, and each of our solutions is developed in collaboration with academic scientists from around the world.

We are vertically integrated from field to formulated finished products, which are available in a variety of heat-stable, 100% dust-free formats.

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Why Botanicals?

A botanical is defined as a substance from plants that is used as a feed additive.

Animals express molecular detectors in the digestive tract, and these receptors can detect botanicals that are present in the diet.

These botanical receptors, when activated, initiate systemic responses in the animal that can alter physiology, immunity, and metabolism.  Botanical additives can therefore be used to increase economic efficiency of animal production by strengthening the animal to combat various challenges.

Human Nutrition and Health:

AVT Natural offers a variety of nutraceutical and functional extracts composed of high-quality active ingredients that have known health benefits.

These extracts are precisely designed for use in Traditional Medicine, a centuries-old practice based on the use of plant botanicals for prevention of disease which is used by over 80% of the world as the primary form of health management.

With such a broad range in the quality and traceability of natural ingredients, it is essential to source traditional remedies from a trusted supplier such as AVT Natural.

Formulas are available in a selection of formats and can be customized.

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Food and Beverage

Our range of natural, plant-based ingredients provides our customers with sustainable ingredient solutions for their food and beverage requirements.

Shelf Life Solutions

AVT Natural creates and produces comprehensive and innovative solutions using naturally sourced ingredients that extend shelf life, keeping your products looking, tasting, and smelling fresh for longer.  Solutions include antimicrobial and mold inhibitor blends designed to prevent spoilage, and antioxidant solutions to prevent oxidation.

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Functional Ingredients

AVT Natural offers a range of clean-label ingredients, including functional fibers and vegetable proteins, designed to provide a variety of functional features for your product.

Our ingredients are Solvent-free, non-GMO, Gluten, Lactose & Dairy-free.

Oleoresins & Essential Oils

AVT Natural offers a range of oleoresins, essential oils, and spice extracts to service our customers across various industries and applications.

Our extracts are designed to preserve the unique characteristics of the original spice.

Natural Flavors & Seasoning Blends

High-quality natural flavors are essential in the processed food industry. We offer a range of natural, clean-label solutions that capture distinctive flavor notes for the food and seasoning industries.

All AVT Natural flavor and seasoning solutions can be customized to fit the specific needs of the customer.

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Value-added Tea

AVT Natural offers a wide range of customized tea extracts to service the global RTD beverage and premix markets.

Products and services include blends for hot or cold beverages; green and black tea blends.  We also offer de-caffeinated blends and conduct in-house purification and isolation of caffeine.

Our R&D team works closely with our customers to deliver optimal flavor profiles, all of which can be customized.

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Cosmetics and Personal Care

Customer demand for “cleaner” alternatives in cosmetics and personal care products is increasing, resulting in a growing number of companies giving greater emphasis to the concept of “clean beauty.”

Driven by our desire to replace synthetic ingredients with natural and sustainable alternatives, AVT Natural offers a range of natural ingredients to address your cosmetic and personal care needs.

Our products include solutions for Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Inflammatory, Melanin Inhibition, UV protection, plant based Collagen replacement & Natural colours.

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Crop Science

Greater awareness regarding the use of environment-friendly products has led to an increased demand for sustainable crop protection solutions. This decreased use of synthetic products is backed by an increasing trend in the number of natural product offerings.

Through our ongoing research and development program, focused on the discovery of bioactive natural products, AVT Natural will soon introduce a range of natural, plant-based pest management and crop protection products.

Our vertically-integrated facility is capable of providing OMRI certified individual actives and formulated solutions that can service your horticultural crop protection needs.