Next Generation Solutions for Every Market

Vertical Integration

With a commitment to innovation, we strive to enhance existing products, improve process efficiencies, and develop high-quality solutions that help us better serve the changing needs of our customers.

What sets us apart from other suppliers on the market is that we are vertically integrated and offer seed to feed or fork – including supply chain management – for some actives. Our goal is to invest in technology today to provide solutions for tomorrow.

We process 70,000 tons of plant material and 5,000 tons of plant extracts each year through 2 manufacturing facilities.

aerial shot of crops

Plant selection and cultivation

AVT Natural offers full integration from seed to feed or fork including seed selection, breeding, and cultivation for some species of plants. We have in-house experts creating our own breeds of plants, and we work with over 20,000 contract farmers to ensure optimal and sustainable growing conditions.

Extraction and production

AVT Natural has extensive in-house extraction technology for the isolation and standardization of high-quality oils, oleoresins, extracts, and spices. Extraction processes can be customized to meet customer needs. Our proprietary purification and sterilization processes ensure the purity and safety of finished products.

a production facility
spices herbs glass tubes


Our team of galenists specializes in the formulation of natural extracts, including the science behind each full-spectrum ingredient. A deep understanding of the chemistry of different botanicals as well as potential interactions give us a unique advantage at formulating the most effective and stable botanical products.

Application and delivery

Our state-of-the-art production facilities in Cochin and Bangalore have capabilities that allow us to offer a variety of stable and dust-free delivery formats. Depending on the desired application, delivery formats include granulated powders, fat-encapsulated beadlets, water-soluble granules, tinctures, or infused oils. All formats are 100% dust free and shelf-stable. Delivery formats can be customized for optimal stability, bioavailability, and handling.

spices of various colors
lab workers


Our extensive in-house laboratory runs daily analytics on AVT and 3rd party products. This analytic expertise ensures the quality standards of our products and traceability as a service to our customers. We also offer characterization and quantification of botanicals in pure products and in feed.  In addition, we offer stability analyses to verify that our products are stable in specific customer conditions of manufacturing and storage.