Animal Nutrition & Health

As demand for global protein consumption rises so does the requirement for sustainable, high quality feed ingredients and additives. We aim to provide natural, sustainable and antibiotic-free solutions to improve animal health and create value for our customers while complying with increasingly stringent regulations

Gut Health

Gut health plays an important role in animal health and immunity. A compromised gut can lead to multiple health and performance issues. Our products range includes natural and sustainable feed additive solutions designed to promote performance and productivity across animal species. This includes gut health solutions that reduce the reliance on antibiotic usage.




AVT Natural offers high quality pigments that increase egg yolk and poultry skin colour naturally. Our pigments increase the nutritional value for layers and broilers.

Functional Ingredients

AVT Natural offers a range of natural ingredients and extracts that provide nutritional and functional benefits to animal species.

Feed Safety

Mycotoxin Solutions

Feed quality and safety plays an important role in animal health and productivity. Infected feed and ingredients are a health risk and contributing factor in animal diseases. AVT Natural offers a range of Mycotoxin binders, toxin neutralizers and anti-fungal solutions to control pathogens and improve feed quality.


Oxidation has a major impact on feed quality. Oxidation effects the quality of fats and oils, which in turn has adverse effects on animal performance. AVT Natural offers a range of products to improve shelf life and stability, thereby reducing the development of harmful compounds in animal feed.