Food & Beverage

Greater awareness and access to information has given rise to global trends like clean label, farm to table, food safety and sustainability. Customers have a strong interest not only in what the product is but how it is made. Our range of natural, plant-based ingredients, help our customers find natural and sustainable ingredient solutions for their food and beverage requirements.


With growing consumer awareness and concerns about food safety and quality, manufacturers require solutions that meet the highest safety and quality expectations of their customers. Controlling spoilage is a major challenge, that can have a safety and financial impact on a company.

We use naturally sourced ingredients and blends to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions that extend shelf life, keeping your products looking, tasting and smelling fresh for longer.

Food Safety

Antimicrobial and mold inhibitor blends designed to prevent spoilage.

Oxidation Control

Antioxidant extracts and blends to prevent oxidation.


Meats, seafood, baked goods, snacks, fats, oils, beverages, seasoning blends, pet foods and animal feed.



With increased customer awareness about healthy foods, it is more vital that product ingredients are perceived to be naturally healthy and beneficial. As companies innovate and develop new healthy options, the demand for naturally sourced, functional ingredients is increasing.

We offer a range of clean label ingredients, designed to provide a range of functional features in your product.

Our ingredients are Solvent free, non-GMO, Gluten, Lactose & Dairy free.

Plant Based Protein: RizoPro

Fibers: FenuBoost

Starches:Rice Starch


Meats, baked goods, snacks, beverages, health foods, pet food, nutraceuticals and cosmetics.



Oleoresins are a concentrated extract that provide the flavour profiles of the ground herbs and spices in a more standardized, stable and economical format.

AVT Natural offers a range of oleoresins and spice extracts to service our customers across various industries and applications. Our oleoresins are designed to preserve the unique characteristics of the original spice.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the unique aroma found in herbs and spices. The extracted oil is a concentrated, aromatic liquid that contains the “essence” of the plant’s characteristic fragrance.

AVT Natural offers a range of natural essential oils for various functional and therapeutic uses across industries, ranging from cosmetics and healthcare to food and beverages.


Meats, baked goods, snacks, beverages, health foods, pet food, nutraceuticals and cosmetics.



Natural flavors play an important role in the processed food industry. We offer a range natural, clean label, solutions that capture distinctive flavour notes for the food and seasoning industries. At AVT Natural, we work with our customers to provide tailored flavour notes and solutions to help improve their product offerings.


AVT Natural offers a wide range of customs formulated tea extracts to service the global RTD beverage and premix markets. Our R&D team works closely with our customers to deliver optimal flavor profiles.

Instant Teas

  • Customs blends for RTD Iced Teas and premixes.
  • Hot and Cold water-soluble offerings.
  • Black and Green tea blends.

Decafeinated Teas

  • MC and EA Decaffeinated blends.
  • Toll processing and full-service models.
  • Caffeine purification and isolation.