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Marigold Extract Feed Grade
  • Solvent extract of ground dry flowers of Tagetes erecta of Indian origin.
  • Caramel to dark brown coloured semi-solid with a characteristic herbal note.
Product Assurance
Chemical Characteristics:
Xanthophyll  Min. 100 gm/kg.
Lutein  70% min.
Epoxides  20% max
Total volatile matter
 3% max.
Anti-oxidant  0.02% max. each  of BHA & BHT.
Diluents / Additives  None.
Microbiology Free from micro-organisms and their toxic metabolites.
200 kg mild steel drums with epoxy coating inside.
Shelf life
36 months from the date of manufacture when stored at room temperature in closed containers, away from direct heat and light and not under humid conditions.
  • The product meets all government regulations to the country where the customer belongs to at the time of shipment in addition to complying with the U.S. Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act, as amended.

  • The product is Kosher certified; all supplies will be accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheet.
Marigold (Food Grade)
Marigold (Feed Grade)
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